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At Urgent Care Mobile, we are perfectly poised to facilitate your COVID-19 testing needs in Barbados.

Urgent Care Mobile has been approved by the Barbados Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism as a recognised provider of COVID-19 tests on the island. This gives you the assurance that you are working with trained, reputable and trusted professionals and allows you a clear option when choosing a provider for repeat testing after your arrival to Barbados.

Group Testing

For 2nd testing, instead of having to go to a government testing facility, or a private clinic enduring lengthy commutes to and from and a wait for testing, we can offer on-site group testing to your family so you never have to leave the beautiful property where you are staying!


These tests results will be available as quickly as possible. Getting results back in 24 hours cannot be guaranteed for every case. Results are delivered to you via email. Same-day (expedited) results will be available soon, and we shall let you know when this option becomes available.

Booking Appointments

Testing is conducted by appointment only and we ask that bookings are made at least 2 hours in advance. We have made it easy to book an appointment. You can call or email us at .

Online Payment

UCM clients can pay for their COVID tests online via Fygaro. Click the link below:

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