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What is Urgent Care Mobile Barbados?

Urgent Care Mobile Barbados offers onsite urgent medical care to patients with a variety of urgent medical conditions. As examples, such conditions may include occupational related injuries and/or anyone requiring medical attention at home. We can even come to the scene of an accident for you and provide assistance. Furthermore, we are staffed by a core group of experienced physicians trained in Emergency Medicine. To learn more about what we’re all about, go to our “About Us” page.

What Patients Say About Urgent Care Mobile Barbados

With three boys, it’s very difficult to pack up and leave with everyone if one of us falls ill. This is why I recommend #UrgentCareMobile to all families. You’re taken care of in the comfort of your own home and space. I’ve found their service exceptional and I have them on speed dial! ☍

Shelly Ann Hee Chung

Excellent service by team Urgent Care!!! The Doctors are accessible, responsive and professional, I recommend this service to anyone. ☍

Harriett H

Used this service and it was excellent. Thanks Dr Hillary Moore. Very professional and she went the extra mile. I will be using them again ☍

Laurie-Ann SB

This is a fantastic service. A big thank you to Dr. Brooks. Amazing care and follow up for my mom. I wish you and the Urgent Care team of doctors success and expansion. I have been singing your praises since I met you. ☍

Margaret S

Today my daughter was involved in an accident and i contacted Urgent Care Mobile. I would recommend to anyone who is in need of urgent medical attention. They provided a service that was very professional and efficient right on the scene. I would like to thank Dr. Bandele for his excellent beside manner who reassured my daughter that all will…

Erleen PW

Professional doctors, excellent service. Highly Recommended!! ☍

Shellyann M

My hats off to this team of doctors. Im speaking from experience. ☍

Dianara A

Excellent service, It’s about time that Barbados has such services. Doctors are polite and professional. On point. ☍


You supported me also through a very difficult time, are a great team, I am forever grateful. Keep up the good work. ☍

Lynette G

Her dutiful act of kindness saved my life…Thank you Dr. Makeba Brooks you are a huge part of the reason why I am still here today. God bless you ☍

Jon B

They are really good. ☍

Colleen W

This is an excellent service. A big thank you to Dr. Bandele, I wish you guys success. I recommend persons to make use of this service. ☍

Kathy D

Congrats to Urgent Care Mobile and I wish these young and brilliant doctors continued success. Thanks for the timely and professional service in my time of crisis. ☍

Shirley C

Their service is great and it’s reasonable ☍

Laurie-Ann SB

On our vacation in Barbados, my wife had an unexpected health issue that required treatment. We’d like to recognize the outstanding response by your Dr. Bandele for the prompt, professional service to address her health needs. We called Urgent Care Mobile and Dr. Bandele came to the house to get her stabilized. Dr. Bandele, saw to her needs and gave…

Frank Lees

I don’t think that any amount of “Thank You’s” will be sufficient for Dr. Bandele and his team. Professional, efficient, caring, responsive and most of, dependable. My family and I will forever be singing your praises! ☍

Christine R

Great staff! Especially when you are a person who panics! They were fast, professional and efficient. I had many questions and they were all answered and i am definitely on the road to recovery.

Patrice M

One of the best options for Barbadians. Thank you for offering this service to us! ☍

Patricia S